COVID-19 Response

The safety of our customers always comes first.

FedAir can still ensure safe transport of passengers and cargo during the COVID-19 situation. FedAir Charter retains an edge over airline flights because of the ability to operate out of smaller airports, avoid contacts with strangers on the aircraft and the ability to bring business clients in and out of areas in a single day.

COVID-19 FedAir Charter Safety Information

Cabin Cleaning: FedAir is performing mandatory deep disinfecting of the aircraft between passenger legs.

Crew/passenger distancing: Limited to no interaction between passengers and crew.

Crew/ops distancing: Limited or no interaction between crew and airport personnel.

Vehicle ramp access: Plane side drop off passengers if permitted by airport.

Reduced FBO access: Passengers may be allowed into FBO for essential services only, in some cases.

Safety and regulatory compliance are our top priorities.

The pressurization system on our aircraft constantly replaces the cabin air with fresh outside air.

Please note that international travel that is not considered essential may be restricted. Please check the latest COVID-19 Traveler information at the U.S Department of State Travel.